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Tap Maple trees and turn sap into Maple syrup during our Maple Days Weekends
Missouri Fall Getaways, Winter, Spring & Summer Getaways in Missouri

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Enjoy Missouri floating, fishing, swimming or splashing at Black River MO
Roasting hot dogs over an open fire, Yum-Yum!
Find treasures like this old fireplace when your out hiking in the woods!
Deer Hunting & Turkey Hunting Trips are popular activities at Koinania Valley Ranch in Missouri!
Wild Turkey Hunting in Missouri - A fovorite for hunters
A lesson in maple tree tapping with Mary!
The maple gives up its sap
Hot pancakes & maple Syrup - enjoying the fruits of his labor!

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Seasonal Special Events & Activities At Koinania Valley Ranch
Fun Missouri Vacations For The Whole Family!
We provide the best Missouri Getaways for your whole family
Take a fall, winter, spring or summer vacation or getaway in Missouri!

We are now offering shuttle service to some of the best hiking spots, like the Ozark Trail head on J Highway, Bell Mountain
and Taum Sauk!

Based upon availability, we will also consider some one-night rentals. Call us for off-season, mid-week or last minute
one-night reservations!

Here in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, all four seasons grace Koinania Valley Ranch with their presence.  Whether it is a Missouri Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall getaway your looking for, the beauty of nature at Koinania beckons all to enjoy the seasons, and relish each season's visit!  So come to the ranch for the best Missouri Getaway Weekend, or week long stay any season of the year.
Each season has a wealth of opportunity to discover nature's glory with fun, fellowship and learning experiences to be cherished and remembered for a lifetime: 

Missouri Summer Getaways

Koinania Valley Ranch is a Missouri vacation spot for many families as well as an ideal location for group retreats, family getaways and family reunions.  The long and warm days of summer allow for many outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and canoeing.  Koinania Valley Ranch is near the crystal clear Black River & float trips in Lesterville.  Go Missouri floating in canoes, rafts, or tubes.  Here is a link to Black River float trips outfitters nearby.  We will be happy to assist you in plannning your day on the beautiful Black River, the cleanest stream in Missouri.
Kids love to splash in the river or creek!

Fall Getaways in Missouri

As the colors change and the temperatures start to cool, the Koinania Valley Ranch is bursting with possibilities for a busy fall season of deer and turkey hunting.  Although we do not allow hunting on the Koinania Valley Ranch grounds due to safety concerns for our guests, many of whom are children, there are thousands of acres of public hunting grounds surrounding Koinania.  Please see this link for some of the best hunting and fishing places in Missouri..... and they all surround Koinania. There are a multitude of outdoor education opportunities for children, home school campouts, men’s and women’s retreats, and scrapbooking retreats.

Coming in the Fall!
Pioneer Harvest Days Weekends
Information coming soon!

  There's nothing more beautiful than the changing colors of fall at Koinania Valley Ranch!

Winter Vacations in Missouri

Though the winter days are short and chilly, they are great for clean-up time at the Koinania Valley Ranch. Come stay for a weekend and help with winter clean up and building projects where new things will be learned from Duane Wiltberger, your host.  If you choose a "learning, working, educational" winter getaway, children (and Mom & Dad if they wish!) will experience and participate in the rewarding work tasks and daily activities associated with running a family farm or ranch! Some activities include clearing brush from paths in the woods,  burning scrap wood and refuse from a summer of growth, painting, building and repairing, splitting wood for the wood stoves, caring for the horses and cattle, and much more. 

Take a Winter vacation to Koinania Valley Ranch and enjoy a family Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s celebration, retreat or getaway in Missouri. Hunters and Trappers, you know this is a perfect time for your favorite sport!  See the many locations surrounding Koinania that are considered some of the best hunting areas in Missouri. 
Koinania Valley Ranch is a winter wonderland vacation!

Missouri Spring Getaways & Vacations

You can always tell when Spring is in the air with the smell of the rain soaked earth and the sound of the rushing water in the creeks and river.  Discover how to tap Maple trees and turn sap into syrup during our Maple Days Weekends in February and March.  Spring is also a wonderful time to have a nature study retreat, an outdoor education excursion, a men’s or lady’s retreat, as well as scrap booking retreats and turkey hunting expeditions.

Learn how to tap Maple Trees & make Maple Syrup here in Missouri!
Join us for Maple Days every February and March.
Mary Wiltberger instructs the kids in the art of maple tree tapping

Come explore all that the Koinania Valley Ranch has to offer as you discover Missouri in Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.
Come for fellowship and fun!

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